« Bath Time » by Raffaello Romanelli

       Marble sculpture representing two children going to bath. The older child is bathing the younger child who loses balance while the basin slides under his feet. As he loses balance, he clings to the clothes of her older brother who catch him up to help him.


        The Sculpture is signed « R.Romanelli” which stands for Raffaello Romanelli (1856 – 1928). Raffaello, who’s father was the famous sculptor Pasquale Romanelli, started his training at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence with Augusto Rivalta as teacher.

        Raffaello participated at nearly all the italians “salons”; some his most important achievements : The monument “Garibaldi” (1896) and “Caduti di Curtatone e Montanara” in Siena, “Donatello” (1896) in San lorenzo, “Cosimo Ridolfi” (1896) in Florence and “Carlo Alberto” (1900) in Rome. He made also many sculptures for other countries like “Martin” in (Venezuela), “Demidoff” Kiev (Ukraine), “Giacobbe e Rachele” in Paris (France), ect.

        To satisfy the demands of healthy export market, a number of 19th century italian sculptors such as pietro Barzanti and Cesare Lapini set up their own galleris to retail contemporary subjects and high quality copies of Antique sculptures. Founded by Pascale Romanelli in 1887, the Gallerie Romanelli operated as one of these highly prolific studios in Florence beginning in the second half of the 19th century. Raffaelo Romanelli and later his son Romano continued the studio which still remains one of the rare working studios in Florence. 


White Carrara marble.


Height : 76 cm


End 19th century

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